Something Old
Joker’s back. But it’s Alfred’s arch-enemy, Anatole who may be the greater cause for concern…
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Something New
Joker in Arkham doesn’t necessarily mean Joker’s out of the game.
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Something Borrowed
Borrowed like borrowed, or borrowed like STOLEN? This isn’t a Martha Stewart Wedding.
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Something Blue
Blue: (1) a primary color (2) off-color, suggestive or lewd
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Dearly Beloved
The good-luck mojo - old, new, borrowed and blue - is in place. And now…
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An ordinary night in the life of Batman…before complications set in.
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What’s New Pussycat
Heard the Latest? The Gotham Rumormill is a force of nature.
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F.Miller, author of Catwoman: an Unauthorized Biography invades Selina’s turf at d'Annunzio’s.
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Loose Ends
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Trick or Treat
Halloween at an Exhibit celebrating the Mystery Whodunit.
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Vignettes of unrequited love, Country Music, and Bao Tu Jambon.
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Blonde Jokes
Joker’s telling blonde jokes instead of killing people - and that’s not even the weird part.
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Houdini’s Tome of Secrets is up for sale in Gotham. Riddler wants it, curses be damned, and so does Zatanna.
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Awkward Pauses
A Cat Tale and Twofaced Tale told in parallel.
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