Inside an Enigma
Batman's enemies in Arkham and Ra's al Ghul rotting in an Atlantis jail. Gotham should be quiet. And a quiet Gotham is a paradox wrapped in a puzzlement inside a mystery encased in a riddle surrounded by...
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NMK Inc.
Jim Gordon is back. When he resigned, Catwoman was an anonymous cat burglar. Now she's Selina Kyle, living with Bruce Wayne, and running this company that's messing with Ra's al Ghul. Might be a learning curve.
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Spontaneous Generation
Poison Ivy has been going through some changes. Up until now it was a figure of speech. Now it isn't. 'Welcome to the Seed of a New World Order.'
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The Neighborhood
Batman is Matches Malone, gone deep undercover with the Irish Mob in Hell's Kitchen.
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The Knight of the Mirrors
'Make it thy business to know thyself, which is the most difficult lesson in the world.' ~Don Quixote
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The World's Greatest Detective marrying the World's Greatest Thief. There are only a few ways this story can end. All of them involve a heist.
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Book 6