Déjà Vu All Over Again:
Ever have that strange feeling this has all happened before?
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Napoleon’s Plan:
"Ubu! Apprise the Pit-Stirrers that the Demon’s Head shall present himself for the Mergulho al Ghul at the eve of the next moon."
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String Theory:
That’s not an infinite crisis… This is an Infinite Crisis.
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Fortune Cookies:
After the Crisis Catverse, there’s a lot of Gothamites to catch up with.
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The Gotham Post:
Once a tabloid went too far, Catwoman responded, and Gotham has never been the same. Wait til you see what happens this time…
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After the Gotham After Dark Fundraiser, every rogue in Gotham is up the river. That must be good news for Batman, right? RIGHT?
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amuse bouche:
\a-'myuz bush\ [Fr.] to amuse the mouth, a small bite before the meal begins.
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The New Black:
Could it be the new society trend? Have rogues become "the new black"?
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A double homicide in Gotham’s Park Row, one witness, juvenile. Unsolved.
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