Don't Fear the Joker
Scarecrow is the fear rogue. Everybody knows that. What if he realizes he's not the one they're afraid of?
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Electron 29
It's called the Grifter's Curse. If a long con player, mob boss or theme rogue falls victim to a small-time scam, bad luck will follow.
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À Bon Chat, Bon Rat
“And Paris.” Bruce said. “We could do some shopping. Walk into the original Cartier through the front door without… upsetting anyone.”
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from the Latin tropaeum, a prize, memento, or monument to an enemy's defeat. Of course in the Batcave, it might mean something else
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Comedy of Errors
Somehow the Rogues got the idea that Bruce Wayne is engaged to Selina Kyle. This cannot end well.
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The Gotham Rogues
Carmine Falcone liked to think of himself as The Godfather, and nothing said Godfather like a big mob wedding.  Bane liked to think of himself as 'The Man Who Broke Batman,' entitled to all the respect and homage of that achievement.  You don't trash their dreams without consequences, even if you're The Gotham Rogues.
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Wayne Rises
The war between the Rogues and the Mobs is over, but war is seldom the end of anything. What's past is prologue.
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